Wordpress Website Design

Custom Wordpress Sites

You may think that a wordpress website is a blog but a good portion of websites on the internet are run by wordpress.

Wordpress is a powerful CMS (content management system) that can be custom designed to fit your brand.

Wordpress can be extremely versatile and coded to perform a wide variety of tasks including: storefronts, integrated email campaigns, social integration, membership sites, blogs and much more.

You have the ability to login online and edit your own content. We setup your website so that you can easily change content visually in an editor similar to Word/Pages.

We also provide a "How-To" PDF which can be referred to after the website is complete.

Wordpress Website Maintenance

If you have a a new wordpress website built by 2 Twins Design, we offer website maintenance.

All wordpress websites require maintenance. The wordpress core files, themes and plugins all get updated regularly for security and updates. Keeping on top of these updates as well as backing up and optimizing databases are preventative measures that help defend your site against hackers.

If you want to focus on your business and you don't want the hassle of making changes on your site, then let us maintain it for you. We offer different levels of maintenance that can fit your company. You can pay monthly or annually.

For those clients who want to leave the website content edits to us, we only charge for the time it takes to make changes or do any of the required maintenance on your website. We do not require any minimum times.

Once your website is complete, we will contact you about web maintenance.


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